Nick Jorgensen, co-host of "You Were Born for This with Father John Riccardo", is the Associate Director of Parish Renewal for ACTS XXIX and has been involved in evangelization and leadership ministries for over ten years. While completing his undergraduate degree in marketing and management, he worked in youth ministry at the parish level. He then went on to earn his MA in Theology and Christian ministry. While earning this degree, he led men’s ministry as well as a mission trip involving door-to-door, on the street, and inner-city evangelization. He also spent some time working for Lighthouse Catholic Media in order to help develop a door-to-door evangelization program. After completing his MA, he served as the Assistant Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, where he worked to equip parishes in evangelization and leadership. In 2015, Nick and his family moved to the Archdiocese of Detroit where he became the Associate Director of Evangelization. In this role, Nick has developed workshops, training, conferences, and retreats for hospitality, evangelization, formation, and leadership training. Nick has been trained for and successful in coaching leadership teams in organizational health with the goal of building a missionary culture among staff and volunteers throughout all levels of the Church. As part of this coaching effort, Nick trained leaders in the Archdiocese to work with parish leadership teams in their efforts to build a healthy parish culture.

Nick Jorgensen has hosted 52 Episodes.